Upon ringing in your fortieth year, a friend might say to you, “Hey, remember, forty is the new twenty.”

Though this sentiment is meant to be encouraging, it highlights the negative connotations that have surrounded aging for generations, as if getting older is something to be prevented. Unfortunately, this harmful mentality has affected the fashion industry, where a market for women over a certain age is virtually nonexistent.

 Twelve29 Boutique specializes in clothing for women over forty, giving them the means to feel confident with every passing year. We are dedicated to providing women a place to find age-appropriate apparel that is stylish and functional.

 Let’s be upfront - bodies change. And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Twelve29 meets you where you are by creating timeless pieces that you won’t age out of; our products will serve you well for years to come. After feeling excluded for so long, our boutique also ensures total inclusivity - we carry a wide range of sizes, allowing everyone the opportunity to find pieces that perfectly suit them.


Our Story

 Twelve29 was founded in 2019 by 43-year-old mother, Evelyne. Getting dressed suddenly became another chore on her already long list of things to do. Hours of online shopping revealed nothing suitable for a woman her age. It seemed her only options were tiny crop tops that would elicit slack-jawed stares (and not the good kind!) or frumpy sweaters that resembled afghans.

 Unable to find proper clothing on the current market, Evelyne set out to create a solution. Made from durable fabrics, Twelve29 offers quality pieces that are fitted for any lifestyle - working women, stay-at-home mothers, and fashion-lovers are guaranteed to find something that meets their needs.

Our products are perfect for the chic and the casual. Here, you’ll find modern pieces that match current trends, staples that complete any closet, and classic items that never go out of style.


Mission Statement:

 Our mission is to become the go-to boutique for women who are underrepresented in the fashion industry. We aim to cultivate a welcoming community where aging is not taboo but something to be celebrated. We serve as a reminder to women that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion at a certain point in life and hope Twelve29 Boutique is where Gen X can gather and empower one another to feel their best selves, regardless of their age.